Who We Are

Spun-off from Washington State University research program, ILB is an industrial biotechnology company offering innovative technologies, service, and products that promote a bioeconomy and support a sustainable future.  ILB’s corporative objective is enabling cost-effective replacement fossil-based carbon with renewable biomass resources though developing innovative conversion processes and related tools. 

More specifically, ILB (1) builds a leading synthetic biology technical platform with supporting engineering tools; (2) customizes the platform and capability to enable development of a series of technology for producing a suite of biobased products, and (3) offers products and services to markets that are related to the platform technology and capability. 

The ILB Mission

Contribute to growing bioeconomy through developing innovative technologies and sustainable solutions and efficient utilization of renewable resources.

Meet Our Advisory Board

Dr. Silverman

Dr. Silverman is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Colytix Inc. and Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Calysta Inc. In his role at Calysta, Dr. Silverman developed the scientific rationale and technical plan for a biotechnology platform based on methane. He was responsible for scientific and business development of internal and partner products, and has raised $45 million to date in funding and secured over $200 million in deployment of his technology.

Dr. Demirjian

Dr. Demirjian is the President and Board of Director of ZuChem. He was previously Founder and President of ThermoGen, Inc., a bioprocess company which was a pioneer of esterase biocatalysis technology for pharmaceutical applications. Dr. Demirjian was also recipient of the U.S. SBA Tibbets Award for successful commercialization of technology developed under the Federal SBIR grant program. Dr. Demirjian was also one of the leaders of MediChem’s IPO, in which the company raised $52 million in October 2000.

Dr. Zhang

Dr. Zhang is Partner of the GRC Funds. Dr. Zhang was previously a founding partner at Formation 8, a Silicon Valley based venture capital firm with over $1B under management. Dr. Zhang previously acted as a biotechnologist and was a founding member of Mendel Biotechnology where he led its business development.

Dr. Schroeder

Dr. Schroeder has 28 years of experience as organic chemist: 12 years in small molecule synthesis for the pharmaceutical industry and 16 years at NatureWorks. NatureWorks is a leader in Polylactic acid bioplastics and a successful examples of biodegradable plastics. Dr. Schroeder will bring to us insights in structure, composition of polymer blends, and additive packages and successful experience with NatureWorks.

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