Our Services

Our proprietary technical know-hows and IP protected procedures allow us to efficiently utilize Yarrowia lipolytica as an effective tool for a variety of synthetic biology operations.  Our experience and tools make us competent for providing different services.  These services include but not limited to:

Synthetic Biology Tools Development

With bioengineering disciplines, synthetic biology aims to create novel genetic devices and systems. The R&D team has 10+ years of synthetic biology experience in a wide range of microbial hosts such as cyanobacteria, actinomyces, and yeasts. We can provide professional service to develop the synthetic biology tools, including novel promoters, regulatory genetic elements, and complex genetic circuits.

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Pathway Design and Engineering

We have in-depth knowledge of advances in pathway design and engineering. The services include design, engineering, and optimization of pathways in microbial cell factories with broad applications. We can bring forth new ideas to improve bioproduct production, overcome the challenges in strains engineering, and conduct metabolic engineering experiments.

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